Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The most beautiful girl in the world...

Or one of them at the very least! I actually talked my 12 year old into doing a photo shoot with me, and I was so excited! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:
Look at those incredible blue eyes:

Love this soft and sweet smile:
 Trying some posing techniques with the hands (it felt a little silly since she's only 12)
 Love all of the light in her eyes(and that smile!)
 I tried some fun lens flare here:
 Some more posing practice and her "model pout":
 I like that she still looks 12 in this one-even though it's a little on the hazy side, it may be my favorite of the day!
I found (via Two Peas In A Bucket and Jill) the most fantastic resource for learning photography, and it's FREE:  Youtube! Here is a tutorial on Eye Placement in photographs, and lots more great  tutorial videos.

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