Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Favorite Animal/Insect Photos Of 2012

A quick look back at some of my favorite animal, bird, and insect photos that I have taken in the past year;

A Lorikeet:

Hummingbirds (They move very quickly, and are hard to photograph!)

An Iguana:

A Beautiful Bee:

Our little furball, Molly:

 A hungry Bengal Tiger:

A sleeping Cheetah:
A weathered and wrinkly Elephant:
 A Razor-Back Musk Turtle:
 A Pink Flamingo:

A Rhineocerous Hornbill:
 And a creepy looking Alligator:

Thanks for joining me for another fun look back-tomorrow I will share some favorite family snapshots from 2012!


  1. Beautiful shots! Especially like the hummingbird shot!

  2. You got some excellent shots in there - looks like you were very successful at the zoo, and the hummingbirds are just perfect.

  3. You have some beautiful photos here Margie... my favorite is the Bengal Tiger :)

  4. Wonderful pictures....I love the tiger.

  5. I love them all, but I'm with Nicki - the hummingbirds are fantastic! Happy New Year!