Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's All About The SHOES!

I love shoes, especially pretty, dressy (and of course, sometimes painful) shoes. So, it should come as no surprise to you that I took lots of "shoe pictures" at my little brother's wedding this past weekend. Without further ado...
Several shots of the bride's shoes {weren't they pretty?}:

I couldn't stop! I was having so much fun taking pictures of Amanda's shoes...and playing with them in Photoshop, too! Here is a photo I took of them and turned it into a "painting":

And, then of course, there were my shoes:

Josh and Porter's boots(Very appropriate for a Nashville wedding, I thought!):
Our sister, Elisabeth had some very impressive black sandals:
And, last but not 12 year old, Caitlin, loved her pretty white high heeled sandals from Nanny!
Over the next few days, I will be sharing many more photos from the wedding and reception, so be sure to drop by my blog(or follow me so you don't miss them)!


  1. My condolences to everyone's feet - ouch! I love how brides are no longer tied to white shoes - these are actually quite pretty (bit steep for me - but when I was younger I might have given them a go).

  2. I love shoes even if they hurt as long as they are cute. Great shots.

  3. I wholly agree, I love a great shoe, pump, sandal, boot, you name it! :) I love the first set of shots, of the pumps in the trees. Those are amazing shoes...nicely done. I also love the cowboy type boot I saw sifting thru these. :)

  4. Love shoes - and especially yours!

  5. Those shoes rock and I love how you did the top shots so differently than everyone else.

  6. I love shoes and these are sooooo pretty!