Sunday, April 15, 2012

Josh and Amanda's Wedding, Part 3...The Reception

After the wedding, we all enjoyed a reception brunch at Ellendale's restaurant , where we had yummy made-to-order omelets, all sorts of pasta and veggie salads, fruit, a hot gourmet buffet,dessert (the cheesecake was fantastic!)...the food was the best I have ever had at a wedding reception, and the staff was very friendly and accomodating:

There was special music by Delores Hershey:

Josh and Amanda danced to "Valentine" (Martina McBride's song):

 And Amanda's grandfather cut in for a kiss:
Eric and I heard our wedding song, "At Last", so we danced, too (thanks to Hannah Mac Photography for this picture!):

Instead of a big cake for a small wedding, Josh and Amanda decided to have cake pops, Italian Opera Creme for her, and White Chocolate Raspberry for him-so yummy and perfect with a cup of coffee!
The Bride and Groom cake pops:

And a shot of Josh and Amanda with them:

(I think Amanda may have wanted to hide hers):

And the pretty pops that the guests received:
I have to admit, this last shot shot was inspired by the actual wedding photogs-I saw them photographing the cake pops on this gorgeous mosaic table, and thought it was a fantastic idea!

It was fun to watch them feed each other-it brought back memories of my own wedding, when Eric wouldn't let me smash the cake in his face (he HATES sticky stuff and sweets):

Cake kiss:

After that, the photogs took Josh, Amanda, and Porter outside for some photos-I took some, too, but they get all credit for posing!
I love Porter playing with his Mommy's necklace:
Love these mother/son moments:

Amanda's "supermen":

(I love how Porter was checking out Josh's pose to see what to do!)

Amanda is one lucky lady to have 2 super guys! Thank you for allowing me to share Josh and Amanda's special day with you...tomorrow, I will have a few outtakes of various other family members and photos that my kiddos allowed me to take of them in their dress clothes.


  1. Looove her gorgeous dress! And the bride and groom cake pops are darling! What a fun idea and beautiful reception!

  2. More great pictures. I hadn't seen cake pops at weddings before - love those swirly confections.

  3. You out-did yourself with the pictures. I love the idea of an understated cake-pops for the bride and groom - and the superhero shots are too adorable. Your brother and his new family will most certainly be forever indebted to you for these wonderful (photographed) memories.

  4. These are great! Love the ones with the mom and son.