Monday, April 16, 2012

Josh and Amanda's Wedding, Part 4...The Wrap-Up with various family shots

Just a Quick post today to share a few of the family shots. Hope you enjoyed my little wedding min-series!
Eric, Amanda, and Brian (the 3 people who decided to marry into my crazy family ;-) ):

Porter had fun with the Ipad at the reception:
The girls and Evan actually let me take a few shots of them in their pretty/handsome clothes!

The twins together:


 and Cecilia (I could barely get her to be still for a minute-she was having so much fun running around!):

I got a few shots of Beth and Brian, too:

I went for a shot of the "Foot Pop Kiss", and Brian was being silly as usual...
Love my family with all of its quirks!


  1. It looks like you really enjoyed getting these shots - fab camera work!!

  2. Well done on a lovely set of pictures of your family.

  3. Such a nice family! I love the blue/green combination on the bride's dress! My family has a few quirks, too! I love them all!